Terms & Conditions

Upon using our website you have agreed to accept the Terms & Conditions and our Data Notice, managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 


We may make changes to these policies and notices. You will be invited to agree with any changes to our agreement before they are effective.


Your cancellation will need to be made in writing. 

If you cancel your programme prior to 14 days before the start date, we will issue you a full refund.

If you cancel your programme less than 14 days before the programme commences, we will only be able to issue you a 50% refund unless someone else takes the place you secured, in which case we will then of course be able to issue you a full 100% refund. 

If you need to change the date of your programme you are welcome to providing we have availability. 

We cannot offer discounts or refunds to cover holiday or sickness, however if you miss a session or need to leave the programme for any reason once it has started you can simply join a future programme from where you left off, subject to availability. 

Covid19: If you have developed a new continuous cough, high fever, or any Covid19 related symptoms you must adhere to government guidelines. 

Growing Little Ones’ face to face classes will be moved to an online platform should a natural disaster, national lockdown occur, or if Government guidelines restrict us to do so. 

If this is not suitable, a credit note will be given of the equivalent balance for face to face classes when they resume. 



In the unlikely event of extenuating circumstances, Growing Little Ones reserves the right to cancel the programme at any time. The full programme or remaining sessions will be rescheduled for an alternative date for you to attend. If you cannot attend the rescheduled dates then you will receive a refund equivalent to the  number of sessions you have not been provided with. 



Growing Little Ones uses photographs and video footage for promotional and advertising purposes. Before taking images/videos of your child(ren) we require permission by a Parent/Guardian. Publication of images/video footage will not provide children’s names or any other personal, identifiable data. Images/video footage will not be used for any other purposes than those detailed. 


As the parent/guardian you may have access to any images/video footage of your child(ren) stored by Growing Little Ones at any time. Please make this request via email at info@growinglittleones.co.uk



You must complete the online booking form and make the required payment before the programme begins, so that your place is secured and we can ensure the programme is set to meet everyones needs. It is the Parent/Guardians responsibility to let Growing Little Ones know of any additional needs, special requirements or allergies/health conditions before they arrive on the programme. You will be asked to outline this in your booking form. Any additional information should be put in writing to info@growinglittleones.co.uk



If you have any complaints regarding our face to face classes, please raise them in person with the Instructor. We will try and remedy them as much as we can and provide you with what you need. It is difficult to remedy some issues after the event so we ask you to inform us whilst on the programme. Any complaints after the programme can be emailed to info@growinglittleones.co.uk



All prices are correct as they appear on the the Growing Little Ones website and can change at any time. 

Growing Little Ones will have special offers on their programmes from time to time for a limited period, which you will also be notified of via email if you have subscribed to our emails. 

You will not be able to apply any special offers or discounts to any programmes you have already paid for and started.


Your privacy and the way we deal with your personal data is set out in our Privacy Policy.