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Mama's pocket of “Me Time” - Mama's Therapy


Overthinking, feeling anxious, lacking self love? Your Journal for the mental load of Motherhood is here.


On a mission to save maternal mental health, well-being and Motherhood; an experience and time of your life which can be filled with nurturing love, connection and growth.


Made with science, spirituality & love, your Mama Journal will nourish your mind and soul, keep you grounded and fill you with love, light, and a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos; providing a much needed therapy for the mental load of motherhood.


Born from the beautiful, empowering and vulnerable journey of pregnancy to postpartum, including postpartum depression, anxiety, miscarriages and the unhealed version of myself.


I have taken time to reconnect, truly understand the depth of healing and the power of self love to transform my life as a Mother and Woman.


Your journey of self love, self discovery and healing is here for you, because when a child is born, so is a Mother.


Here’s to happiness.




✓Hard-back cover


✓A5 size




✓Vision Board template


✓Gratitude, Self Care and Manifestation exercises


✓Self Love Affirmations 


✓Mindfulness practice


✓ Daily prompts to recognise and challenge the negative stories we tell ourselves


✓ Built on the principles of Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming to heal and transform deep rooted subconscious beliefs, energy and reality of your daily life.

Mama's Journal

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