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Rediscovering Balance, Connection and Peace in Motherhood

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

When I became a Mum a couple of years ago, I found my life had kind of turned upside down. I’d gone from structure, organisation and routine to chaos putting it simply. Like nearly every other Mum, I felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed; burnt out and that I hadn’t done enough all at the same time.

I tried so many times to try and rebuild a structure and routine for my life around my baby as I thought this was what I needed; I wrote up weekly planners, colour coded and everything, but they were never anything I could stick to even in the slightest way.

Over time I have learnt that Motherhood and life itself is so much more about connection than control though, and while structure and organisation are good, you have to move with life and what serves you well and accept that doing your best is enough. It is not about a perfectly crafted method or one that fits all, nor is it about the celebration of being able to ‘do it all’ that our society so proudly promotes, rather it is about living with intentionality, healthy habits and discovering what works best for you.

We live in a society driven by masculine energy; one of logic, action, firmness, assertiveness and survival, which are all good in moderation, but one thing we most definitely need to embrace as Women and especially Mothers, is our feminine energy. We must embrace following our intuition and being nurturing, gentle, patient and flexible; both with our outside world and internal selves.

Take time to consider the small things - how do you spend your mornings and start your day, how do you talk to yourself, who do you spend your time and share your energy with? Once you begin to make a conscious effort to fill your soul with positivity and things that uplift you, that is where your peace you have been searching for will begin to shine through.

As Mothers, our children are always involved in the day to day running of our lives and it can feel constant, I get it. Let’s consider how and when you wake up and your day begins though - are you in charge of this or are your children? Or do you reach for your phone first thing and check social media? The fact is, we all already have a morning and daily routine.

Mornings are a sacred time to set the tone for day, to nourish and strengthen yourself physically, spiritually and mentally. Your peace, acceptance and happiness on the harder days especially, come from being consciously aware and in control, even for a few minutes at the start of your day. Showing gratitude and affirming your values and beliefs all help set the tone for a more positive and resilient day, helping you ground yourself and stay in balance when faced with emotional, challenging times.

There are three things that make a huge difference for me and I’d like you to consider implementing throughout your morning, or perhaps as a reflective and intention practice last thing at night if this works best for you.

Firstly, get yourself moving, whether that is stretching off the tension and stresses of the day/night, or getting your blood pumping and flowing by having a little dance with your baby perhaps. The release of feel good hormones known as endorphins will help you feel amazing. And if you can, try to get out even for a five minute walk - nature is beautiful and grounding and fresh air can provide you with fresh energy and perspective.

Secondly, work on your mindset; spend a few moments of quiet time in contemplation, prayer and/or affirmations. When you truly feel what it is that you are saying, this helps it become rooted in your subconscious belief system - which runs most of your day to day life on autopilot for you and is another reason why it is so important to speak kindly and positively to yourself and about yourself.

Thirdly, do something to motivate you, whether it is further motivation for your day, or week, or whether it is motivation for any of your desired dreams. Listen to a podcast or audiobook and be clear on the details of what you want, dream that dream, because you are worthy and this will give you further motivation to have the drive to get to where it is you want to be.

And lastly, try to live in the moment; enjoy the moments and making precious memories because the days may seem long now, but your babies won’t be this little forever.

I hope this served you well, you can join me over in my Facebook group Growing Though Motherhood for daily affirmations, love and light to help you grow on your Motherhood journey.

All my love,

Ayesha x

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